Make sure to hold onto your warranty

I seriously wouldn’t call myself a panicky man.

  • But, I can particularly come unglued when something unexpected happens.

My life is spent taking in information and thinking about my actions. I appreciate to process stuff that is happening at job & at home. I have a twin brother & he is honestly different. Every one of us might look honestly, honestly much alike but, all of us could not be odd when it comes to temperament. I am the Heating & A/C cool & he is the Heating & A/C heat. His life is full of drama & turmoil. I know he absolutely thrives on it. I think that it’s what gets him out of bed, I don’t know. But, he has been that way ever since I could remember. That sort of lifestyle has taken a physical toll on him as well. We are minutes apart but he looks at least 10 years older than me. It’s all the 24/7 stress he brings on himself. I talk to him about making some fluctuations in behavior & maybe taking it down a notch. But, he says he is what he is & I have to respect that. I tend to get a bit freaked out & turmoil amped up appreciate him just the other day over & Heating & A/C issue. It did not know good. I am just so thankful I live our life the way I do. There was a bolt to our brain about the Heating & A/C warranty the other day. Immediate panic set in. My Heating & A/C is just weeks outdated & I could not remember if I had registered the warranty. For that matter, I couldn’t remember where the warranty was. My husband saw me in that panic & let myself and others go a few minutes before he told me that he had taken care of it.

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