Making my workout a priority

I workout every morning for approximately 60 minutes.

I have set up an unused bedroom in the house as my personal gym.

I purchased a stationary bike and treadmill and added yoga mats, free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands and a jump rope. I like to workout right after I get up, before I’ve eaten anything. I find that an intense exercise program boosts my energy levels for the rest of the day. I’m definitely more productive at work. Maintaining a healthy weight, better appearance and strong muscles are all very important to me. I’m hoping to age gracefully and protect my health and quality of life. I make an effort to vary my fitness regimen and target all the different muscle groups. It can be discouraging when I hit a plateau and can’t seem to improve in anyway. However, I’ve noticed that if I miss a day or two of my workouts, I can definitely feel the difference. I don’t have the stamina and end up with sore muscles. When I’m not at home, it can be a challenge to find a place and time to workout. My husband and I like to take a motorcycle trip every year. We’ve already spent two months traveling across the country, from the east to the west coast and back, on the Harley. When we stay at hotels with a fitness center, I’m delighted. However, to save money, we sometimes camp or stay at cheaper hotels that lack amenities. I always pack my jump rope and resistance bands and will often go for a long run.


Workout program

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