Modular Laundry Room Built from Container

When my girl plus I relocated into our home, the laundry situation was a mess.

  • The laundry room was tiny plus the machines were ancient.

My girl ended up ripping out the washers plus making it a storage component for us. Well that made it so I did not have anywhere to get my laundry done. A woman can only go to the laundromat so multiple times before it gets on their nerves. I then purchased myself a brand new stackable washer plus dryer. Sadly the only location I could put it was right in our front dining room. It was horrible walking around the laundry machines plus it looked unsightly. I had nowhere to store my basket, detergent, hangers or laundry pods. I ended up getting a laundry room shipping container… Container laundry rooms are incredible. It looks like a giant grey box sitting next to our house. Inside it is so much more amazing. The stackable washer plus dryer fits perfectly. I have shelves for all the laundry needs I have plus a cubby to put my bin in. I have toiling electric plus Heating plus Air Conditioning in the tote laundry room, as well. It is now the best room in the house! The cost of a tote laundry space was not astronomical.I have even thought about making a tote workout room for myself. I could make it a little wider plus longer than the laundry room. It could be a great way to get my exercise. I could store all my devices in there plus then have additional space inside our house for other more pressing things.

Repurposed shipping containers

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