MOUT Training Centers Used for Military Training

My sister has a lot of interesting stories from the years she was in the military.

What is my favorite story is when she was in training.

Apparently the military has changed to using shipping containers; Not only is the military base a giant shipping tote with bedrooms, showers plus toilets, they also have shipping containers for training. MOUT villages are big in the military at this time. The acronym stands for military operations urban terrain. It is made from ISO shipping containers or blast-resistant prefabricated walls. The MOUT town is made to depict what a soldier might come into contact with in battle. It is set up to savor a fake military operation. The soldiers can experience what it might be like to be deschemed plus be in an odd region. Each terrain replicates a real life scenario. My sister was able to prepare for the terrain, buildings plus grids for everywhere she would be sent. She also got to experience breaching doors, the roof, going through windows plus a usual door break-in. She got to handle obstructed viewing, and see where certain buildings would be located, suppliers plus homes that would be in her deployment. The MOUT town also boasts a shooting range with a wide variety of targets. The shipping container is bulletproof, fireproof plus totally airtight. It was entirely cool hearing about the training facility my sister was in. It also put my family more at ease because every one of us knew she would be ready before going into a potentially dangerous deployment. She was given the best tools possible to handle her deployment in another country.

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