Multiple year plan to work in a gym

If she proves herself, then she will be a full time worker

My little sister’s dream has been to work at a core progression gym. I thought working at a fitness center was easy to do. I figured a highschool diploma at best plus it would be just like a cashier job. You go in, punch the time clock plus get paid. Core progression is way more sophisticated than that. They are a personal training gym that tries to give everyone a particular physical experience. Every personal trainer is licensed plus the classes offered are diverse. The trainers all have college degrees, certifications and experience within the field. My sister has a multiple year plan on how to get into the core progression she wants. She is going to get her bachelor’s degree in physical training. Then she is going to get her certifications plus CPR plus AED training. Then my sister will work at lower level gyms constructing a portfolio. It will show she has experience in the training field. She wants to chart her classes progress plus show how she has made it possibly for them to reach their fitness goals. She needs to prove to core progression that she has the knowledge, experience plus numbers to back up who she is as a trainer. Then they would start my sister out teaching just 1 group fitness class. If she proves herself, then she will be a full time worker. I can’t believe how much goes into working in a gym. I don’t even know how much that job would pay towards a trainer.



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