My body needs more fluids

The two of us had some City water in town as well as it smelled awful on our own property.

The two of us had water genuinely hard and that water smelled just like eggs.

It also had a red tip. The oxidized water had lots of rust, calcium, and lime like crazy. There were stains on the fixtures and even our bedroom. The two of us certainly didn’t want to drink any of that water. Bottled water at the time wasn’t really an option, and we had to figure out a way to drink some fluids. My sister and I resorted to having some cups of hot as well as cold organic tea. Even the hard water wasn’t too bad for a cup of hot as well as cold organic tea. My sister and I would drink some of that hot as well as cold organic tea during the winter and even we would have some of the iced tea bags during the sun. It was a really good habit, because the water had to be boiled in order for the hot as well as cold organic tea to steep. The two of us frequently had some complications due to lots of dehydration. The two of us were getting headaches, chills, and lots of fevers. The two of us were passing out and knew that we needed more plain water. Although hot tea is not exactly playing water, the two of us found it to be sufficient enough to drink some and keep up with our liquid levels. We had to trade out herbal varieties, but at least the water intake is one way to stay healthy.

Fennel tea

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