My Company’s Office Space is Built inside a Shipping Container

I had some entirely bad luck not long ago.

Thankfully everything has turned out alright, however at first I thought I was totally out of luck.

I purchased a building that was supposed to be my new office space. A month before I was going to move in all my device plus my workers, it burned to the ground. I was devastated to lose the space plus scrambled on what to do. I thought I would be required to let all the people work from the house until a new building was constructed. Dealing with building companies was a nightmare. They wanted too much money plus took too much time. I needed a fast and simple solution. I found online that people use shipping containers for office spaces now. The tote office spaces were amazing that I saw. I instantly contacted the shipping tote company and we designed my new office building. It looks like a giant grey box. Even so, the interior is a real office space. Every single of my workers has their own space with a door. There are plenty of electrical outlets to put in their computers. I then had a powder room facility with a hand sink plus soap dispensers designed and added. I had an area dedicated to serve as a conference room as well. It is a real toiling office. It is designed just the way I want it to be and I think it is the perfect size. The cost of doing a modular office was significantly less than constructing a real building. It took around half the time to be built as well. Also, no resources were wasted doing modular construction vs what an onsite construction crew would do.

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