My mother and father have switched over to ductless mini splits in their home

It’s anxious knowing how susceptible to scammers in addition to snake oil salesmen your parents become as they reach retirement age.

When you’re living on the other side of the country because of your work, it becomes tough attempting to shield them from harm’s way.

I’ll never forget the computer store that sold my mother a desktop computer kit for $1k that retails online in addition to in big-box stores for $400. Even buying from a reputable small business would have run them somewhere around $600 at most for that identifiable computer kit. This happened with their last car purchase as well. The markup in this case was somewhere to the tune of $3k. I just couldn’t think it after I looked at their loan paperwork. With all of these memories firmly in the back of my mind, I had a mini panic attack when they told me they had ripped out their central Heating in addition to A/C system in their house. When they told me that they had bought a new setup that is called “zone controlled,” I started to calm down a little. Apparently, they had scored an amazing deal on a home full of ductless mini splits. They were definitely worth more than what they paid in the end by doing the entire home at once. It makes little sense for my parents to pay for air conditioning in their entire more than two study room home when they are primarily in their study room, kitchen, in addition to kitchen. With zone controlled heating in addition to cooling, my parents can have separate air conditioning units running in each of the more than two zones they inhabit the most. And if they ever have family stay in the guest study room, there is a separate ductless mini chop waiting to be turned on for the first time ever. For once, my parents were treated with fairness in addition to empathy by salespeople that actually well could have taken both of them for a ride.


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