My Personal Gym Made from Shipping Container

For as long as I can remember I have experienced inferior gym spaces. I entirely prefer getting my exercise in my home, however for a long time it was not possible. I never had enough room plus the weather outdoors never permitted me to work out all year long, but getting a gym membership cost too much and was time consuming plus frustrating. I finally decided to get myself a containerized gym. I have a shipping tote right next to the house. It has a door, window and resembles a real addition to my home. Inside it is my perfect gym space. I have ceilings that are high enough for me to do whatever I want in there. It is wide enough plus long enough to accomodate the exercise equipment I have purchased. I also have an electrical outlet in there to charge up my iPhone plus hook a speaker system too. I even got Heating plus Air Conditioning installed so I can use my tote gym all year around. All my stuff fits perfectly inside the space. I have shelving units to hold my hand weights, wobble board plus medicine balls. I have a place to hang my jump rope plus a cubby to put my water bottle in. It literally is the ideal personal gym. That space has become my favorite single in the home. I look forward to getting my exercise every day. I have the smart control component in the shipping tote set to start the temperature control a minute before I get in plus to turn off right before I leave. The space is totally private, comfortable, and functional. The price tag on a tote gym is quite a bit lower than you would think too.
ISO Shipping Containers

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