New coupons have a price error and it’s not good

After I finished college, I started a small web advertising business.

We help small companies build websites and we also provide advertising services like search engine optimization and pay per click ads.

I am the owner of the business, but two of my friends from college work with me. We recently picked up a huge advertising job with a nationally-known heating company. They hired our company to help with an advertising campaign that will draw more customers into the doors. I came up with an idea for a coupon that the company could send in the mail. I sent a mock coupon last week and the heating company owner approved all of the changes. The next day, I sent the coupons to the printer. One of my employees walked over there yesterday to pick up the coupons. We were planning to take them to the heating company the same afternoon. Unfortunately, my employee quickly realized there was an error on the coupon. That coupon was to advertise a heating tune up and maintenance appointment. The heating company usually charges about $50 for this appointment, but the coupon offered the price for 34.95. Unfortunately, the price on the coupon was a little bit different. The printer transposed two of the numbers and the price on the coupon was actually 43.95. I told my employee to take everything back to the printer and have them fix the mistake before we send those materials to our customer. Hopefully they will be able to finish the job in a couple of days. The customer was unhappy about the delay, but glad that we caught the error.


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