New roof reduces cost of heating and cooling

When my husband and I first purchased our home, we knew there were some problems with the roof.

Because of the age of the house and many layers of shingles, we couldn’t get away with a patch.

The entire roof needed to be removed and replaced. We put off the project for as long as possible. After every storm, I would find stray shingles in the lawn. During particularly hard rain, we’d be forced to set up pots and pans to catch the many drips from the ceilings. Realizing we were going to end up with severe water damage, we finally hired a roofing company. The project was extremely disruptive and expensive. In the middle of July, when the outside temperature was in the high eighties, we were unable to run the air conditioning. Our house was overheated, sticky, dirty and overrun with bugs for nearly two weeks. When the job was finally complete, I figured it would take hours for the air conditioner to lower the indoor temperature to a comfortable level. I was surprised when the house cooled right down. Since replacing the roof, the air conditioner no longer needs to run as long or work as hard to meet demands. The same is true of the furnace in the winter. I hadn’t considered how much energy was being wasted due to the leaky roof. Replacing the roof significantly improved comfort, lessened wear and tear on the heating and cooling equipment and lowered our monthly utility bills. Plus, the house stays cleaner and we enjoy superior indoor air quality. I’m now looking around for other possible energy saving measures I can take.
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