New Year’s Day Thermostat Issues Cause Need for HOliday HVAC Repair

Last New Year’s Day we had quite an odd issue happen at our mom and dad’s house while we were all getting together as a family there for the holiday dinner.

Both of us had the whole family there, in addition to several of us had come from quite long distances, and everything seemed to have been going really well, until the house all of a sudden got absolutely tepid in addition to stuffy! Our immediate thought was that it was from the oven in addition to the stove cooking all the celebratory food that was roasting and boiling away.

But nope! That was not the case at all. It turns out our mom and dad’s thermostat was set in one position and wouldn’t get unstuck! The heating was blowing like a hurricane and would not stop! It was making the entire house feel like we were stuck inside an oven ourselves. When we looked at the thermostat temperature, it was well above a comfortable temperature. At this point, our friend who was at our party, offered to have the celebration at their house, while our parents made a phone call to the emergency heating in addition to air conditioning system repair phone line. It was going to be pretty costly getting a certified heating in addition to cooling specialist out on New Year’s Day, but it was necessary. My mom and dad, plus the others certainly couldn’t stand that kind of heat for a few days. I even decided to cover the cost of the emergency holiday HVAC repair service. My mom and dad were overjoyed to hear that, because the price of what this was going to cost isn’t something they would have to struggle to pay.

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