No problem waiting for HVAC appointment this year, nothing to do

At least two times a year I get into a massive fight with my husband.

Don’t get me wrong, we bicker a lot more often than this, but there are going to be at least a couple of knockdown, blowout fights per calendar year.

They basically happen on a set schedule. Every Spring, we’re going to get into a huge throwdown about the air conditioning system. Every winter, the same thing will happen when we start arguing over the central heating unit. Why are we so uppity and bitter about the central heating, cooling, and ventilation system? Because every time we have to arrange a routine HVAC and air quality control maintenance appointment, I have to stay at home and wait around for the stupid ventilation technician to arrive. Like clockwork, we decided that we needed the routine diagnostic appointment for our heating or cooling equipment, and I immediately got volun-told to sit around and waste my day waiting for the air quality control specialist. There’s barely even a conversation about who will take on this task. It is simply assumed that since I’m the caretaker of the house, I will be waiting around to greet the HVAC technician. This means, I get to rearrange my entire schedule, miss work, and sit anxiously in preparation for a gruff mechanic to pull in the driveway. Sometimes it takes several days for them to make the routine service appointment. Luckily, this year we’re going to miss one of our massive blowouts. This spring I have no problem waiting around for an HVAC tech to show up and service the air conditioning system. With the Shelter-in-Place order, I literally have nothing else to do.



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