Odd truck driving around

I recently moved into a new area of town.

I really love my neighbors and they have lived in the area for a while so they have been helping us get used to our new spot.

Our new neighbors have recommended a new babysitter, dry cleaner, and even a new dinner spot. I am so glad that we moved next to such nice people. Our new neighbors came to our door about a week ago and asked us if we had seen an old white truck driving around town lately. I hadn’t seen an old white truck, but my husband seemed to think he remembered seeing one a few days ago. Well, our neighbor told us to keep and eye out because it wasn’t normal for older trucks to be driving around and they just wanted us to be careful. The next day we saw the white truck so my husband decided that he would go talk to the older man that was driving the truck. Apparently the truck belonged to a new HVAC company that just opened its doors. The HVAC company was still raising money and didn’t have enough to put a logo on the truck yet so people would know who they were. My husband being the good man that he is, offered to talk a few business cards and pass them out to people around the area to get the word out about the new HVAC company since the office would be so close to the area that we lived in.



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