One of my online assignments was to write a poem about A/C

I am taking an online poetry class as well as a single of the assignments was to write a poem about something that has to do with the season every one of us are currently in which happens to be summer… The mentor gave us some ideas for Summer themed poetry: sun, beach, holiday, relaxation, hot weather, humidity, a/c, and i decided to write my poem about a/c because it has been my saving grace during quarantine, here is the poem I wrote for my online class about a/c: Air conditioning, I don’t guess what I would do without you; When it is severely hot outside, a/c makes me feel brand new.

I turn the control component down as well as hear the air come through the vent, being inside in the cool air is better than being outside in a tent, however air conditioning keeps me cool as well as sane, it allows me to function normally as well as it helps my body as well as brain. Air conditioner filters trap all of the dust, residing in the south in the Summer a/c is a must. Air conditioning is better than fans, it feels enjoyable to come inside to A/C after being outside working on your tan. Without a/c I wouldn’t be able to get rest, in the heat of the Summer a/c is truly the best. If you don’t care about covered in sweat too much, all you have to do is click the control component down with a self-explanatory touch! Your Heating, Ventilation & A/C business can do repair to check on your A/C, that way it works correctly for your whole family.



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