Our utility bills have been higher due to leaks and cracks in the air ducts

I don’t understand why my heating bills have been so high for the past two months.

I’ve decided that I plan on making some changes when it comes to using energy savings tips around the house.

It seems that I’m the only one who appreciates implementing energy savings tips around here. Of course, I’m the one who has to spend my paycheck on the heating plus cooling bills, so that’s why I am the only one who cares! It seems as if most people who live under this roof think that it is only my job to heat plus cool the entire home. People are consistently leaving the doors plus windows open, so the heating plus the a/c goes right out the windows. However, my hard earned money ends up going toward the heat plus AC! Even with them leaving the doors plus windows open, the heating bills are not typically this high during the winter. The weather hasn’t been awful this year, either. The temperatures this year have been really a little bit warmer than they were during this time last year, so the higher heating bills just weren’t adding up. I contacted the local Heating and Air Conditioning company plus spoke to one of the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals, and he said that one of the reasons that my heating bills could be higher than normal because there were some cracks or leaks in the air ducts. It turns out he was correct about that, and the air ducts repaired plus the heating bills lowered considerably.


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