Paying attention to my physical fitness

I never like going to the doctor’s office.

Every time I have a checkup, the doctor berates me about weight gain & encourages me to meet with the nutritionist.

The nutritionist then talks to me at length about my diet. She tells me that I need to give up sugar, processed foods and fast foods. She tells me I should start an exercise program. I never paid much attention. I have always been focused on my career and finances. My health was not something I gave much thought to. I assumed I was young and had plenty of time to worry about it later. As the years have gone by, I started to notice some aches and pains. I was having trouble being productive throughout the day and sleeping at night. My back, hips, knees and shoulders were always sore. I finally realized that my neglect of my physical well-being was harming my career and threatening my future quality of life. I needed to make some changes. I went in for a checkup with the doctor and actually listened to what the nutritionist had to say. I made changes to my diet and signed up at a fitness center. I started out just walking on the treadmill because that was all I could manage. I gradually worked my way up to running. I then added in the elliptical, rowing machine and stationary bike. I began using the strength training machines and lifting weights. For the last twenty minutes of the workouts, I swam laps in the indoor pool. I noticed a steady increase in my energy levels. I was no longer suffering from my assortment of aches and pains. I started sleeping better at night and feeling more energized in the mornings. My doctor was absolutely thrilled with my progress.


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