Personal trainer helps me prepare for a new job

When I accepted a new job, across the country, I decided it was time for some major life-changes. I would be making a great deal more money and was determined to appear professional and worthy of this promotion. Plus, I was moving to a warm weather area. I could no longer hide under bulky sweaters. My body would be way more obvious in short sleeves. I was looking forward to spending some time at the beach, making new friends and possibly meeting a potential boyfriend. Hoping to put my best foot forward, I decided to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle. I knew I needed to totally revamp my approach to fitness and meal plans, and I recognized that I needed help. With just a short amount of time to accomplish my goals, I’d never succeed on my own. I researched the different personal trainers in my area, found one that I liked and signed up. After we outlined my strengths, weaknesses and goals, we got to work. Getting weighed and measures was a bit embarrassing but simply motivated me further. The workouts were positively grueling. I met with the personal trainer five times per week for intense cardio, weight lifting, squats and stretching. Each time, I left the gym utterly exhausted and feeling good about myself. This feeling of success helped me to avoid unhealthy foods. Sticking to the diet plan wasn’t easy. I like sweets, fast foods and crunchy snacks. However, denying myself was definitely worth it. My hard work paid off and I headed to my job much thinner, stronger and healthier. As soon as I arrived at my new destination, I immediately signed up with another personal trainer.



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