Prepared for the pandemic

When everything began hitting the fan around the world, people really started getting nutty, but it was love, a wave of panic descended over all of society, and scrubbed out their common sense.

  • It’s really outrageous every time you turn on the news and see stories about food, household items, and toilet paper shortages at your local store, but the two of us have plenty of these items in the world, and there is no need for everybody to freak out and begin hoarding them.

It seems to me like people took this opening to begin trying to fortify their homes for the end of the world. If you ask me, it’s too little too late. If you’re trying to build a bunker and install sufficient air filtration devices now to combat a full blown apocalypse, I feel you’re swimming upstream, then luckily, my crazy outdated Uncle consistently saw this coming! He built a huge fortified bunker about fifteen years ago, and has continually improved it every time there is a current advancement in hydroponic growing or indoor air filtration. He has never slowed down on improving this secret underground home, and that includes everything from the rain water collection proposal to the specialized air quality machinery! My wise aunt always thought that there would be a global air contamination event that threatened society, so he invested in the most high tech media air filtration devices on the market. His HEPA filters and UV light disinfection units are on-par with the air handling devices used in hospitals around the world. I’m so happy that he had the foresight to create this clean air fortress for the family. Since I don’t have to worry about going to the stores for my own air quality devices or provisions.
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