Remembering my first home

Everyone remembers their first home they had after moving away from their parents.

Even if it was just an apartment or a rental house.

In my case, it was a rental house. I can not say I have very fond memories of it because the house was not the greatest, but it was livable. The one thing though that I will never forget that caused me the most problems was the fact that the central heating and air conditioning system never worked right. I had the landlord call the local heating and air conditioning company several times in the one year that I had lived there. And every single time the heating and air conditioning company would come out to fix or work on the central heat and a/c unit, they would find the problem and fix it. Then within a few months it would break down all over again! It was really ridiculous. At one point one of the heating and air conditioning contractors had said that the landlord needed to replace the entire central heating and cooling system and that this would solve the problems that had been going on. It was very old and long past the lifespan of a central heat and a/c unit. They communicated this to the landlord but they were too cheap to wanna invest in a brand new and totally up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit. They figured it was a rental home so they did not care one bit. Well, because of this fact I did not renew my lease.


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