Remembering seasoned times

With our time for retirement approaching our partner and I have decided that it is time to sell the house… With that decision comes the task of downsizing and cleaning out the clutter that all of us have collected over the last thirty plus years.

The kids are grown and gone and they have no interest in taking much of the things all of us don’t want anymore either, this means that all of us will be selling or donating most of it.

When all of us got to the garage it was like a real treasure hunt. All of us found everything from our kids seasoned sports equipment to various appliances that all of us never used anymore. It is amazing how much money all of us spent over the years on these items that all of us used once or twice and then cast them aside. For some reason all of us have bought multiple weird types of portable oil furnaces and I can’t remember why all of us would have needed them… Our HVAC plan in the cabin has always worked well and the portable ones are electric. They wouldn’t have worked during an outage anyway so why do all of us own them. I listed them on the marketplace and they were sold within a couple of afternoons. Those people will genuinely end up doing the same thing with them years from now too, remembering all the items that all of us bought and spending time going through those memory boxes was a lot of fun and all of us will take those memories with us to our next arena. At least memories don’t take up actual space like all that junk; Downsizing can be hard however fun at the same time.
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