School picture afternoon and wishing for a/c

I was pretty bummed out about my youngsters school pictures this year.

They decided to take them late in the school year when it was starting to get pretty darn hot outside! And what didn’t help matters is the fact that the place that they took the pictures had no great laboring air conditioning! The air conditioning was hardly laboring, and as a result of this my youngsters looked all hot plus hot in the pictures because of the lack of air conditioning.

I don’t know why they could not have just fixed their weak air conditioning before sending the youngsters in to do the school photos! To myself and others that was just them being too cheap, my youngsters complained too about the lack of air conditioning when they came lake house from school that honestly afternoon. I almost wanted to call the school plus complain to them about their lack of air conditioning, then you should always have air conditioning in a school for god sake! I really have to say that if I could pull my youngsters from this school plus send them somewhere else I would, but schools these afternoons are not what they used to be. When I was growing up in the era of not everyone having central air conditioning, it was even better know it or not! My school had several window air conditionings all over the place when it got hot out! They would never let any of us youngsters go separate from air conditioning in the school! That’s life I guess. And times do change for the worst I have to say.

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