Shipping Containers Used by the Military

When I signed up to join the military I was surprised by the base.

I pictured sleeping in a tent in the middle of nothingness.

I pictured sand getting in my eyes, ears plus up my nose. The base was entirely a huge shipping container. Apparently a new thing is military plus training facilities built from shipping containers, but from the outside the military base looks savor a long grey box. On the interior, each of us have our own little space with a bunk. There is electricity, water and sewer lines plus Heating plus Air Conditioning in the tote military facility. The prefab powder room space has a dozen individual toilet stalls plus a dozen shower stalls. The water pressure is better than at my house plus it is set up just savor a real powder room. The two of us get to use soap dispensers plus hand sinks. You would never think that it is a shipping tote once you are in the interior. It is nice being totally sealed away from the outside. The tote is completely sealed so no bugs or critters get into it. What is entirely amazing is that the entire tote is also completely bulletproof. Obviously for military situations this is amazing. Also the training facility is adjacent, you never know what might happen. Having a fireproof plus bulletproof facility just makes sense. The training facility is neat because there are steel targets, bullet traps plus shooting ranges located in house, but literally anything you can think of is in the training facility. This facility entirely helps our skills stay sharp plus our minds focused. There is no concern about horrifying anyone since it is in a separate area too.

Repurposed shipping containers

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