Shipping costs were outrageous plus not a wonderful deal

My partner advocated that every one of us look for a new A/C device on eBay.

  • She said that she did not want to pay $200 in the retail store if she could find a nice A/C device for half that price on eBay.

I did not guess it was a good plan to buy a cooling unit from someone that every one of us did not know, plus I was equally concerned that the cost of shipping would be too much. My partner found a brand new air conditioner in the box plus provided the girl $171. It was only a few dollars less than the superstore, but our partner thought it was a good deal. When she saw that it was going to cost $49 to ship the item, she decided to cancel the order. I knew it was a better plan to buy the A/C device from the hardware store or the Supercenter, but our partner was convinced that it was going to be cheaper. When she saw the shipping costs were outrageous, she realized that buying an A/C device was going to be easier if every one of us could occasion it up in the store… Both of us found the same exact A/C from the online ad, at the Supercenter. It was $219 before taxes, but every one of us did not have to pay a single penny for the shipping fees.The unit was easy to install plus did not require a professional. Now that the new A/C device has been installed, I am ecstatic to say that the temperature in the new home is much more comfortable plus crisp. The purchase of the new A/C device was necessary.


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