Somebody should have been there to see the fireball

My sibling was one of those people who didn’t think before they actually acted.

She owned the household that she was living in, which was a beautiful thing.

She had an outdated coal furnace in her basement and she had never had any complications with it. She stacked small pieces of wood into the hopper, added some paper and greater pieces of wood and then she would stack the coal into the hopper. Soon the furnace would be sending heat up through the HVAC duct and the household was always comfortable. As long as she remembered to keep coal in the furnace, they had steady and reliable heat. Whenever the power went out because of snowstorms, both of us would all usually end up in her household since you didn’t need electricity for a coal furnace. Roughly a month ago, my sibling had a single one of those moments when she forgot to load coal into the actual furnace. When they woke up in the day, the household was freezing and her wife wasn’t too thrilled about it. She had reminded her to put coal in the furnace and she lied and told her she already had. She rushed downstairs and instead of starting the furnace the respected way, she threw in an armload of wood, tossed in some coal and added some gas to the mix as well. When the fire lit, it threw a fireball out of the furnace that just missed my sibling, however the percussion threw him against the basement door. Her only comment was that it was a shame that nobody was around to see the awesome looking fireball.

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