Targeting fat for healthier way of life

Most people don’t realize that there are two separate types of fat that affect the body.

These two types are called visceral and subcutaneous fat, and it’s impossible to completely get rid of either one.

A certain level of fat is essential to good health. It’s not only possible but common for people to collect more than they need. Subcutaneous fat is located right under the skin and often referred to as love handles or belly fat. It is the type of fat that jiggles, and you can pinch it. Visceral fat is stored deep in the midsection and cushions vital organs, including the pancreas. Someone with a bloated yet hard torso and a rounded silhouette typically has an excess of visceral fat. This is the result of taking in more calories than required to fuel the body. It’s often caused by a diet of too much sugar, high-fructose foods, sugary beverages and alcohol. We’ve all seen men with the swollen beer belly who appear pregnant. Although men tend to have more visceral fat than women, the likelihood increases for women after menopause. Visceral fat has been linked to health concerns such as insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure. It’s doesn’t just negatively affect appearance. A healthy meal plan and physical activity are effective in reducing visceral and subcutaneous fat. A low-carb diet and portion-controlled meals are helpful. High-intensity interval workouts have proven most effective at targeting fat. Join a gym, sign up with a personal trainer, go for a run or take up a sport. Following healthier patterns results in better quality of life.


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