That HVAC unit never had a chance

The coolest thing that has ever happened to me is the person I get to wake up with each day.

I just can’t picture what my life would be care about without that lovely human by my side each day.

While both of us have really faced our even-handed share of challenges, our lives have been charming. The biggest overall reason is our ability to communicate, trust and respect each other. To be honest with you, it has come unquestionably naturally for both of us. All of us are unquestionably, unquestionably fortunate people. However, this doesn’t mean that both of us don’t do things that the other has to just slap their face. All of us live in the South and are retired now. I stay inside during the heat season and soak up the Heating and A/C comfort. My wifey, on the other hand, spends every warm day of the year outside walking all over the place. Actually, that is not a even-handed description. She truly loves to garden and landscape. My wifey has turned our property into an utter showcase. I get compliments from my golf buddies all the time. With that being said, they just don’t assume all that landscaping was done by many feet 2, 60 year outdated lady. It does seem a bit crazy to me if you don’t know her very well. She was honored recently with a photo spread and interview in a prestigious local magazine. I can’t tell you how proud I was. When the photographer and interviewer came to the apartment, I just watched from the windows and made every lemonade. I am starting to wish I had been outside instead. My wife decided to throw a decorative tarp over the Heating and A/C cabinet so it wouldn’t ruin the pictures. This ended up killing the Heating and A/C unit. But, the pictures were fantastic!

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