The air conditioner in the burger joint quit working

My child works for a local burger joint in town, she is in college now plus she has been working for this burger joint for about more than five or six weeks now! My hubby plus I thought it would be a nice system for her to get a job so she can learn the value of a dollar plus won’t be a spoiled child love mini children are in the space that both of us live in; I want my child to understand what it feels like to make your own currency plus have to save… However, recently she told myself and others that the Burger joint she works at has been having concerns with the heating plus A/C system.

My child told myself and others that she spent all afternoon flipping burgers in a restaurant that doesn’t have a now working heating plus A/C system.

I cannot guess this heating plus A/C system would allow its employees to work their jobs under these conditions. I decided I would call her supervisor and give them a piece of my mind so she could understand the danger in letting employees job under these conditions. I guess it’s pressing for the supervisor to realize that you can’t undervalue your employees. I told my child if they don’t have the heating plus A/C system fixed within the month plus she is allowed to quit. I can’t have my child now working love this even though I do guess she needs to have a job to learn responsibility.


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