The best part about a new home in the hot summer

The best part about having a new home in the hot summer is what you may not expect.

A brand new air conditioning unit, is what we bargained for. Some of the homes in the area we looked for had old air conditioning units and we learned our lesson in the past with faulty ones before. We didn’t want to have any hassle with heating and cooling equipment repair and this time we wanted to be sure we had reliable stuff for the summer. I wanted big cookouts and big pool parties in the summer. I didn’t want to have to worry about anyone being hot, sweaty or uncomfortable at any of my cookouts. I wanted to be a great host, and having a new HVAC unit, new insulation, solar panels and a backup generator helped me be a responsible party host. My pool was heated for the winter months, but the summer was hefty with people and parties. I had to crank my AC all summer and was going to have it serviced in the fall before I needed it again. In the fall to save money and not run my air conditioner, we opened the windows and let the breeze come in. We were thankful and happy to be in a new year, and the summer time was just getting started. Last year people were sunburned and very hot when my air conditioning unit went out, leaving everyone hot and humid. It was very embarrassing. I couldn’t believe my new house had a faulty air conditioning unit, but I should have double checked and I learned my lesson.

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