The best part about buying a brand new house, may not be what you thought

We love new things, after all as society we always strive to invent and innovate.

Comfort, relaxation and everything else drives the needs and desire to do things better and faster.

Modern technology like air conditioning units have made it possible to condition the air temperature of rooms and even whole buildings. There are amazing things we made to either block the sun’s heat or harness it for energy. Solar panels are one example of harnessing the sun’s energy, shade and other things that block the sun from us and help us stay cool. Looking back, I loved being in the sun and getting tan, sunglasses helped a lot. If you think about it, air conditioning units are like sunglasses for your home. Not having sunlight directly hit your house either is beneficial, like when snow melts the side of one part of a roof, the other side that doesn’t get lit by the sun’s light usually stays cold and together. The best part about a new home could be the smell, the carpet or the clean state of it all, but for us it has to be the new appliances. The new air conditioner that came with our house was lovely and we loved the peace of mind we would have when we threw big parties. We loved hosting guests and wanted a nice cool comfortable place for the summer for the whole family. We had old rickety AC units before, and they had the habit of going out at bad times. We learned some lessons.

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