The best thing about being a handyman, and it’s not the money

Fixing anything and finishing a goal gives you a big sense of accomplishment.

There aren’t many better feelings than getting to a goal, crushing it and sticking to your task. I always saw work for me as a goal, I had a finish line to cross and I worked in the hot sticky industry of HVAC repair. I loved what I did and I made good money as an HVAC repair technician, I just didn’t like the hot climate. Some tight spaces had to be navigated and in the hot summer the attic or other areas the air conditioning units are can become super hot. It’s vital to stay hydrated and make sure you don’t stay up near the air conditioning unit for too long. There is only so much you can do, when you’re trying to beat the heat. Shade, ice and modern technology like air conditioners really are the pinnacle of how to cool off and relax now. Summer days and long beach days, pool parties and even trips to the gym all heat our bodies up and we need to cool down and stay on top of our game. Staying cool isn’t just important for overall health, it’s important for relaxing and having peace of mind at a level where you can focus. Don’t look past heating and cooling in your home, use your air conditioner and don’t be afraid to spend the extra money running it. You’ll be happy, at peace and cool knowing your air conditioner is running, use it for what it is meant for.


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