The burger restaurant doesn’t have a working air conditioner

My child works for a local burger joint in town, and he is in school and he has been actually working for this burger joint for about more than five consecutive months now; my hubby and I thought it would be a fantastic plan for his to get a task so he can learn the value of a dollar and won’t be a spoiled kid similar to the mini children in the section that the people I was with and I live in…

Then I want my child to understand what it’s like to make your own money and have to save; however, recently he told me that the Burger joint he works at has been having concerns with the heating, ventilation plus A/C system.

My child told me that he spent all day flipping burgers in a steakhouse that doesn’t actually have a working heating, ventilation plus A/C system. I cannot assume this heating, ventilation plus A/C system would allow its employees to work under these conditions. I decided I would call his supervisor and give them a piece of my mind so he could understand the danger in letting employees work under these conditions. I think it’s pressing for the supervisor to realize that you can’t undervalue your employees. I told my child if they don’t have the heating, ventilation plus A/C system fixed within the month and he is allowed to quit. I can’t have my child actually care about this despite the fact that I do think he needs to have a task to learn responsibility.


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