The carnival attraction

The local middle school just had a really nice Fall carnival that my kids took me to. I have to say that I have not seen a carnival this great in years. They had everything that I remembered from when I was a kid. But also they had a few educational additions that were not around when I was going to this same middle school. One thing I thought was really awesome was that the local heating and air conditioning company had a special area set up to teach those kids interested in the technology of HVAC all about it! This was a really odd but nice little thing. It kind of gives the little ones a possible direction to go in terms of future career interests. When I was their age I wasn’t interested in heating and air conditioning. Other than the fact it kept us cool and warm during the extreme months of the year. I have to say though that this HVAC carnival attraction teaching kids about heating and air conditioning equipment, heating and air conditioning repair and other heat and a/c products struck a chord with my oldest kid. He told me that after visiting the heating and air conditioning information attraction at this carnival that he wanted to be a certified heating and cooling specialist when he graduated from high school! I am not sure if he was just saying this in the heat of the moment or not. But if he was serious, then this carnival really may have done something positive for my son’s future.



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