The fireball was absolutely nuts

My sibling was a single one of those people who didn’t honestly think before they acted.

He owned the residence that he was residing in, which was a grand thing. He had an old coal furnace located in his basement & he had never had any major setbacks with it. He stacked small pieces of wood into the hopper, added some paper & more sizable pieces of wood & then he would stack the coal into the hopper. Soon the heating machine would be sending heat up through the HVAC duct & the residence was always comfortable. As long as he remembered to keep plenty of coal in the coal burning furnace, they regularly had steady & reliable heat. Whenever the power went out because of snowstorms, the people I was with and I would all usually end up in his residence since you didn’t need electricity for a coal stove. Close to a month ago, my sibling had a single one of those moments when he totally forgot to load coal into the coal burning furnace. When they woke up in the morning, the residence was chilly & his partner wasn’t all that cheerful. She had reminded him to put coal inside of their coal burning furnace & he lied & told her he already did that. He flew downstairs & instead of starting the coal burning furnace the correct way, he threw in a large amount of wood, tossed in some coal & added quite a bit of gas to the mix. When the fire lit, it threw a massive fireball out of the stove that just missed my sibling, but the percussion pushed him against the basement door. His only comment was that it was a shame that nobody witnessed the cool fireball.

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