The living area is too small for a traditional table

It can be occasionally difficult to decorate a tiny Beach House.

The two of us also find it to be difficult to manage a bigger house. The two of us thoroughly enjoy our small beach condo. The two of us find it easy to wash as well as also decorate. The two of us believe that small area is great until we have to worry about storage as well as living space. The beach house is exactly small as well as that is the way the two of us like it. The two of us have this small one bedroom beach place with custom furniture that was built for the size of the room. The two of us have frequent supper parties as well as the two of us could not find a small table that would still seat 6 people. The two of us looked all over the internet as well as viewed a hundred different furniture stores. We finally found out that we would need to have something custom built if we were going to have a small table such as this with seats for six folks. The two of us spoke with a professional furniture guy and he recommended a few different things so we could make the dream a reality. We hired the furniture contractor who came up with a specific design. The two of us have the contractor working on a few additional pieces of furniture right now that are going to tie in nicely with the six person small table in the dining area.

Custom built furniture

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