The medical office is always freezing

I have never liked going to the doctor. Does anybody enjoy going to the doctor. First of all, having a person jab in your teeth is never a comfortable experience. Whenever I am at the doctor, I am always very on edge and quite worried about what they are going to do to me. Also, when I go to the doctor, I also suppose that they will charge myself and others a truly outrageous amount of money to use their services. However, the major concern with my doctor is that he adjusts the control device to a really freezing level. My doctor is an immense man, and he always has his cooling system on low. In fact, I would imagine that he might keep his cooling system on while both of us were during the winter. If you were to tell myself and others that the doctor doesn’t have an oil furnace, I would truly believe you. Whenever I go to the doctor, I always bring a heavy jacket to wear because of how freezing the cooling system makes the room. I asked my doctor to turn the cooling system down once, and he really refused. He tried to explain that his cooling systems help him to avoid perspiring, which could cause his hand to slip while operating on my mouth. I would be distraught that the cooling system would make him shiver, which in my opinion is much more likely. The only consolation to the air conditioning concern that both of us have at the doctor’s office is that when he leans on me, he acts enjoy a personal section heater. I wonder if every doctor enjoys keeping their cooling systems on this much.


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