The taxi I took didn’t have a working A/C appliance

The taxi did not have an air conditioner that worked.

I honestly never ride in taxis, but the time that I did, I picked the wrong one to go with altogether.

I didn’t even realize what I was doing, so I just jumped in the first taxi that I saw. Apparently, it was not a good taxi, plus I should have realized that because there was a whole line of people waiting for a taxi, plus none of them would ride in the taxi that I decided to go with… The reason that nobody had the desire to ride in the taxi was that it didn’t have a working air conditioner. I saw the signs on the window that stated that there was no working air conditioner in the taxi, however I thought that I was strong enough to endure a taxi ride without a working air conditioner. Well, I was totally wrong. It was the worst ride that I have been on in my life. The traffic was horrendous, so the drive took roughly 2 hours, plus it was genuinely over a hundred degrees in the taxi. There were various times when I had the desire to get out plus walk, however I knew that it was way too sizzling outside too, plus I was wearing high heels plus nice work clothes. There were also no sidewalks, plus there were cars driving crazy trying to get out of the traffic. I came to realize that it wouldn’t be safe for me to walk, so I had to deal with the taxi without a working air conditioner. I am never going to even get close to a taxi without a working air conditioner again. That ride made me more thankful for air conditioning than I have ever been before in my whole life. I appreciate air conditioning very much.


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