The theater was warm and I was happy

Most Movie theaters give myself and others a bitterly sweet feeling whenever I am attending 1, however don’t get myself and others wrong, I love action movies and I love comedy movies.

  • I also don’t really mind paying the excessive prices that they charge for food and drinks.

I understand that they have to make money, and I am OK with that! For me, the single hardest aspect about being in any movie theater is that they make myself and others honestly uncomfortable. I can’t sit how overly freezing theaters can get sporadically. It feels enjoy the person controlling the control device must have completely lost their mind… Whoever controls the cooling systems really has preferences in that direction. During the summer, the theaters are always overly freezing because of the cooling system. Now, if I am going with my wife, then having the cooling system running at that high level is not as bad. I don’t mind the colder hot and cold temperatures when I can cuddle with my dear wife. However, there have been various times when I am alone or with the guys, and I don’t prefer the movie theater with the cooling system running. I suppose that some people deal by bringing blankets because of how freezing it is, despite the fact that I don’t enjoy being the 1 dude who can handle the colder hot and cold temperatures because of the cooling system. Luckily, last night, I had my first positive experience with the Heating & Air Conditioning unit in the movie theater. It was a freezing fall night, and I was distraught that it would be freezing in that theater. I was presently surprised to find the heating method running in the background! I was nice and warm for the entire movie!

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