The web design firm didn't get my concept idea

My wife started making soap and bath bombs a couple of years ago.

She was bored one Saturday morning and decided to melt all of the tiny hotel soaps we had in our junk drawer.

The soaps blended together nicely and the fragrance wasn’t bad either. My wife had a blast making the new soap bars and she enjoyed working with her hands. Most days back then, my wife sat in an office in front of a computer all day. She rarely had a chance to do something creative. Things are a lot different now and my family, my wife and I make soap full time. We have a small artisan store that sells soaps and bath bombs and hand lotions. My wife quit her job five years ago and we decided to use all of our retirement savings to open the soap boutique. Things were slow until we hired someone to build a website for the business. We hired one guy to do the job, but he didn’t understand our concept. He came up with a design based on our wants and needs. I didn’t like his concept or design. We wanted something more subtle and soft. We tried to get it right, but we ended up finding someone else to complete the rest of the work. We still use the same website designer when we need to make updates to the website. The lady does great work and she doesn’t charge a fortune. She has her own small business that concentrates on web design, SEO, and internet marketing. We’re both supporting other small businesses in the area.


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