Treehouse needs a nice portable air conditioner unit for the heat

There are even a few times when I have used the air conditioner in our kitchen

During the summer weather, the outdoor temperatures are usually around 90 or 100 degrees. It is very hot and humid and everyone in the area has an AC unit in their home. It’s nearly impossible to survive the heat and humidity without the aid of cool air. There are some great ways to stay cool if you don’t have any air conditioning. A wet towel on the back of the neck can often bring the body temperature down by a few degrees. You can also place a wet towel on the front of a fan. The air blowing through the wet towel will feel much colder. Sometimes there is still nothing that makes the warm air feel better. My wife and I have a treehouse in the backyard. We had the tree house built for the grandchildren. Unfortunately, it’s often too warm outside for the kids to stay up there and play. My wife and I thought about the problem and we decided to buy a portable air conditioner to keep in the treehouse. We built a small hook to place the portable air conditioner whenever we want to use it in the treehouse. When the kids go home, my wife and I remove the air conditioner and store it in the garage until the next time that we need it. There are even a few times when I have used the air conditioner in our kitchen. My wife loves to spend all day Saturday baking in the kitchen. With the oven running, the temperatures can really fluctuate. Having a second small air conditioner in that space is really helpful.


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