Upgrade your indoor health people

Like all the people on earth right now, I’m all the abrupt actually conscious of my health.

I mean actually super conscious.

It could be said that I was raised to be fairly aware of regularly keeping fit & taking care of the temple & all that. But, the older I got, honestly, the more I would indulge. Hopefully, I have been in pretty wonderful balance with completing exercise, rest & diet. Our immune health has never been more highly crucial than right now. And, the HVAC in our homes can be an immense area of that necessary immune health. Some of the statistics on indoor air pollen levels these days that I’ve seen is just scary. The EPA reports that average indoor air pollen levels is somehow between 2 to 5 times more detrimental to your health than the outside air. That fact could make your head spin. While I would want to look a bit harder at those data sets, it’s enough to prove that indoor air pollen levels are vital. The HVAC in our homes definitely can either be a help or a hindrance when it comes to overall indoor air pollen levels and air quality. If you are using the cheap paper air filters, the only health I know you’re promoting is that of the HVAC equipment. Now, don’t get myself and others wrong with our ranting, that is a for real & crucial aspect. But, if you want to more carefully look out for your health, best to be upgrading the HVAC air filter. They surely are more fancy but, the HEPA type filters are actually trapping & removing tons of hazardous contaminants down to the micronic level. I, for one, will easily say that the health myself & my family is worth the extra few dollars we spend. Plus, they work actually great with pollen & pet dander.
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