Walking to streets trying to get business

My mother saw myself and others walking up & down the street the other morning, when she was out shopping.

When I got back to the household that afternoon, she asked me what I was doing.

I simply told her that I was walking the streets, looking for business. I could see the terrified look on her face & I realized how awful that sounded. I suddenly explained to her that for a single one of my classes, the bunch of us had to find 10 customers for a business the bunch of us had just made up. Every one of us weren’t allowed to tell them that this was for a class, however the business had to be a real career. I had chosen to open a fictional HVAC device business. I asked a single straight-forward question. If a modern HVAC contractor opened up in the area, how likely are you to switch to the contractor & why? An overwhelming amount of people were willing to switch to the contractor because of their lack of satisfaction with their present HVAC contractor. They were looking for HVAC techs who didn’t try to bump up the price on the HVAC repair bills. The prospective customers were also looking for an HVAC contractor that was more prompt & had less than a six hour window of arrival. They say they could hardly be able to afford the HVAC repairs let alone taking off a full day of work to wait for an HVAC service professional that may not even show up. I told my mother that it was an eye-opening experience to hear their comments about this sort of thing. It made myself and others realize that so many HVAC companies take complete advantage of their being the only HVAC contractor in an area. With there only being a single HVAC contractor in an area, it is the HVAC customer that entirely suffers.

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