We had cracks that the heat and air were escaping from

We just don’t understand our high heating bills recently.

We’ve decided that we’re going to have to make multiple changes when it comes to using energy savings tips at our house.

It seems that we’re the only ones in this family who cares about attempting to use any energy savings tips in our house. Of course, we’re the ones who have to spend money on heating as well as cooling bills, so that’s why we’re the ones who care! It seems as if the kids who live under this roof think that it’s our job to heat as well as cool the entire home. Our kids are consistently leaving the doors as well as windows open, so our heat as well as the air flies right out the window. Our savings go right out the window along with the heat as well as the air! Leaving the doors as well as windows open during the winter usually means the heating bills aren’t this high. The weather hasn’t been particularly chilly this year, either. In fact, the temperatures this year are genuinely slightly warmer than they were at this time last year. Our high heating bills just weren’t making much sense to us. We called our local Heating and Air Conditioning company as well as asked one of the Heating and Air Conditioning workers, and he mentioned that our heating bills might be higher than normal because there were several cracks or leaks in our air ducts. It turns out he was correct about that, so we got the ductwork repaired as well as our heating bills lowered considerably.


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