We need a really good exterminator to help with one

As an HVAC technician, I often find that pests are the problem with heating and air conditioning equipment.

I’ve seen rodents all the way through electrical wires and damaged ductwork Beyond repair.

I’ve seen a lot of bees and hornets nests inside of outdoor AC units. I’ve seen ants make a nest inside of air conditioners and I have seen a family of mice sleeping behind a furnace. Still, nothing prepared me for what occurred last week. I was scheduled to check on an AC noise. The customer claimed that she could hear a squeaking sound coming from behind the AC unit. Sometimes that can be a sign of belts that are wearing too thin or that need to be oiled or fastened. When I took the AC unit apart, I was flabbergasted to see a huge mouse infestation. I must have viewed a hundred mice running from the area. They scattered in all directions, including back into the ductwork. I couldn’t believe that the customer didn’t hear any other noises throughout the house. After all, the mice had access to most of the ductwork in the attic. I’ve carefully placed the cover back on the AC unit and told the customer that she needed to call an exterminator. I couldn’t even begin to work on any AC problem until all of the mice were cleared. I’m not exactly afraid of those pests, but it’s not going to be easy to work with a hundred little critters running around my workspace. Once the mice are gone, the AC noise may even disappear.
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