We need to buy a new copier for the main office

I printed a stack of copies in the office this morning.

I didn’t bother to look at all of the copies before I left to meet with a client.

When I opened my briefcase to view all of the copies, I quickly realized that half of the page was blank. The customer wasn’t happy with the copies either. Most of the important information was missing from the bottom of the page. We have had problems with the copier in our main office for the past six months. I’ve been putting off replacing the copier, but it is clear that the time has come. The heating and cooling business is always very busy and I probably print 500 or 600 sheets of paper every day. When I opened the heating and cooling business five years ago, I purchased the copier and printer from a liquidation sale. It was a refurbished model at that time and I did not expect it to last five years. Now it’s time to finally buy a new copier and I don’t want to spend the money. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to run a successful heating and cooling business without printing some bills. We don’t bill many of our commercial clients until the end of the month. It’s easier than printing ten or fifteen different bills every day, but it puts a lot of strain on the copier every Friday. I’m going to contact a few manufacturers in the area to see if they have any refurbished models on sale. If I get lucky, perhaps I can find a really nice copier at a decent and affordable price.


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