Why we always double check the hotel when we go out now

We had many trips to the south but one of them was very hot and sticky for a few reasons.

What happened on our trip was hard to expect but it did teach us many lessons, mostly because we got so dang hot.

We were sleeping in the fancy hotel near my old highschool when we visited town. We got the only room in the town left barely just in time for thanksgiving. There was a play in the town theatre that was a hot ticket for sure. We had to wait a few days for any reliable repair to our hotel room air conditioner because it was such a busy time of the year. I couldn’t really blame the service tech companies who would fix our air conditioning system, I knew people wanted to be with family. Seeing how we loved to gather with our family too, I didn’t blame them. We discovered our hot room with humid air in it around 5pm the day before thanksgiving, we set out to the families and inquired with companies about getting it fixed sooner or later. The hotel said they could have their crew fix it but it would be probably a few days after thanksgiving. We wanted the hotel to pay for the new HVAC unit, obviously in the long run they would but at first we were expected to put our credit card up to the air conditioning company. We were outraged, we did have an older air conditioner and we noticed it did look a little old. We were thankful it was only for a few days until it got fixed, and we were able to post up at the families house until the late hours of the night. We tried to stay cool with fans and keeping the hotel windows open but they only opened so much because we were on the top floor.

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