You should dust your cooling system vents frequently

Cleaning your home is an essential section of staying healthy, however many people do not like cleaning because it is time consuming & can be tiring.

There is also a huge difference between straightening up & deep cleaning.

Many people straighten up & organize, however rarely disinfect down or mop areas to remove dirt & bacteria. If you don’t respectfully disinfect your home you put yourself & your family members at risk for health concerns. You are more likely to have breathing problems such as asthma & allergy concerns if you don’t clean. Many people hire cleaning companies to disinfect their homes because they are too stressed toiling to take the time to clean. An important section of cleaning is dusting! Dust is a combination of bacteria, dead skin cells, dead bugs & even hair cells. A super important section to dust is cooling system vents in your home. If you don’t respectfully disinfect your cooling system vents, dust will accumulate & then it will flow through your home when the cooling system vent pushes out air. It is also harshly important to replace cooling system filters often. The cooling system filters trap dust & even mold spores. If they are not respectfully cleaned, they cannot do their task of trapping all of these air contaminants effectively. It’s important to make sure the air you & your family are residing & breathing in is clean, however simple ways to do that are to disinfect the dust off of your cooling system vents respectfully in your home & to change out cooling system filters respectfully as well.



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