Why I push people to get boilers

In the section where I live, the winter weather is a major season for us.

My family and I often rely on the electric furnace for more than 60% of the year.

The temperature remains below 0 plus often dips into the negative teens. All of us plan for temperatures down to -20 or even 30 below 0 with snow accumulation of over twelve feet. The wind chill is consistently a factor plus makes the conditions feel even colder. It can be dangerous to spend any amount of time outside, exposed to the weather. All of us get blizzards and ice storms that result in driving bans plus keep ups stuck inside the home for days at a time. So choosing a powerful, reliable plus energy efficient oil furnace is a priority. I’m blessed to have a boiler that was placed in the basement that fastens to baseboard furnaces in each room. The system operates without a peep, requires only year to year maintenance plus absolutely handles the most extreme weather. Because it is a hydronic oil furnace, using water to move heat energy rather than air, it doesn’t bring any dust or contaminants into the home. It doesn’t overly dry out the air. So I am not required to purchase a humidifier. It is a new style of heating. There’s no drafts, no cold spots plus absolutely little stratification. The boiler is also quite energy smart. With the heat spread evenly and the higher temperatures near the floor, I’m able to set the temperature control lower than normal.

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I want fresh air but I run HVAC non stop

Our weather can be quite a challenge.

We deal with temperatures down to the negatives and being below freezing is common.

We’re exposed to brutal wind chill, excessive humidity, torrential rains, high winds, thunderstorms plus ice and hail. There is seldom a chance to open the windows plus welcome in a fresh breeze. With the gas furnace or a/c running just about all the time, there is never fresh air. The cost of heating plus cooling accounts for about 70% of the household energy consumption, then minimizing energy waste plus yearly bills is consistently a main focus. I’ve upgraded windows, caulked, weatherstripped plus insulated, taking every chance to seal up the home. I’ve put a great deal of time, effort plus cash into preventing the paid for air from leaking out. However, this also cuts down on essential ventilation. Allergens such as dust, dander, pollen plus mold spores get stuck inside the apartment plus repeatedly circulated by the heating/cooling device. The air feels stale, smells quite musty plus creates a potential health threat. To resolve these woes, I’ve installed a heat recovery ventilation system. An HRV is like having an open window with none of the energy waste with it. The system brings in a good stream of fresh air to fix the stale air. It helps to get rid of the added humidity plus contaminants for superior air quality plus comfort. In the Wintertime, the ventilator will take the outgoing air, using it to preheat the incoming air.

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Getting central AC at last

I waited so long in order to finally invest in central a/c for our home.

In our location, the Wintertime weather is the main season. We often are forced to rely on the gas furnace for around nine months of the year. The temperature remains steadily cold and will dip into the -20s or even 30s. The wind chill makes it feel even colder plus it can be dangerous to spend any time outside. Because of this, I spend a small amount of money on our heating bills every year. I entirely didn’t want to deal with the cost of running an a/c in the warm season. Plus, our hot weather doesn’t really last all that long. At most, we have two months of temperatures plus humidity that cause discomfort in the house. The expense of central a/c didn’t seem worth it to me at the time. However, two years back, the warm season was positively harsh. By early summer, the temperature was steadily climbing into the mid eighties. By the end of the first month, it had soared into the low 90s with excessive humidity. All of us had condensation running down the doors plus sweat running down our faces. It was impossible to get comfortable or even sleep at night. Box fans plus window a/cs couldn’t keep up. I finally couldn’t stand it and in the middle of summer, I called a local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C corporation for a free quote. The cost of setting up wasn’t too bad. I was able to get a manufacturer’s rebate that made it especially affordable!


I needed climate control in certain rooms

My apartment has consistently been a nightmare to heat and air conditioning.

It seemed like some of the rooms had an insufficient amount of vents to supply enough airflow to maintain comfort. A few of the bedrooms were not even linked to the duct system. Since I was unwilling to upgrade the furnace and a/c or redesign the whole ductwork system, I looked into some easier and cheaper solutions. I simply wanted to improve the comfort of a few of the rooms plus maybe lower utility costs a bit. I didn’t want to rip into walls, take out a huge house improvement loan or deal with a time consuming project. A little research online led me to ductless heat pumps. These devices consist of a compact outdoor unit that fastens to 1 or many lightweight plus streamlined indoor air handlers by way of a conduit. The only needs are mounting capabilities, access to power plus a 4 inch hole in the exterior wall to accommodate the conduit. Since the conduits are available in large line lengths, there’s neat versatility in the location of the indoor air handlers. Every indoor air handler includes its own temperature control that allows personalized, room-by-room temperature control. The system operates without a peep, provides both heating plus cooling capability plus is quite energy efficient. By utilizing flexible speed technology, the compressor is able to automatically adjust capacity to meet the exact requirements of the particular room. Also, by running at lower speeds for longer cycles, it maintains consistent comfort plus minimizes running costs.

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Why I wanted ductwork cleaning

I was not sure if paying for the duct system to get professionally cleaned was worth the money or not.

I choose to do some research into the benefits of the services.

According to what I read, having gunk removed from the air ducts cuts the amount of dirt that would otherwise get pulled throughout the house plus setting on furniture, bedding plus other surfaces! Having a freshly cleaned ductwork system lessens the amount of vacuuming, dusting plus overall cleaning necessary to keep a fresh home. Along with dust, all kinds of disgusting contaminants can be hidden inside the ducts. There is pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mold, mildew plus even decomposing rodents in there! This can result in troubles with indoor air quality. So, the air that reaches every room in the apartment passes through the ductwork many times per morning, and every time the heating or cooling system functions, harmful allergens can become airborne plus pollute indoor air quality. A quick duct cleaning stops the system from continually introducing these pollutants into the breathing air. It reduces the aggravation of symptoms of dust sensitivity, asthma and respiratory infection. Additionally, any buildup within the network of pipes restricts airflow and forces the heating/cooling system to run longer plus work harder. Along with decreased comfort, there’s a higher risk of system malfunction or failure. Large yearly bills plus rooms that are difficult to keep comfortable are also things that occur. After reading up on all the pros to this, I made the choice to contact a local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C corporation.



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Raising money for the local daycare cause

My church has been raising money for a relaxing cause.

The daycare center needs a new natural gas furnace, however we do not have enough funds to pay for the machinery and installation service.

We decided to hold a little fundraiser last weekend to raise money for the new natural gas furnace. We held a bake sale and my partner made 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter oatmeal cookies, and chocolate raisin cookies. She also made cupcakes and pies. Some parishioners donated goods and services to raffle away while I was in the 2 afternoons event. We raffled off a 12 foot Christmas tree and a holiday meal for many while I was in the fundraiser. The corporation installing our gas furnace also donated 2 small space gas heating systems to auction while I was in the day. We had a country band and other live music throughout the day. We hired someone to make balloon animals and another to do face painting for the children. The weather was frigid outside, however the fundraiser was scheduled to be held outside. It was a relaxing thing too, because we ended up with a light snow storm on the very same day as our fundraiser. It would have been too frigid and wet to congregate outside. Everything went very smoothly and we raised over $3,000 while I was in the 2-day event. We have enough money for the new natural gas furnace and all of the installation fees. We already have an appointment scheduled to have the outdated natural gas furnace detached and the new component installed and now we have the funds. It was a truly amazing weekend and a fun project in which to be a part of.


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The new manager forces many to leave the Heating and A/C dealer

My friends and I have all been laboring for the same Heating and A/C corp for the past 8 or 10 years, i forget now.

I have been with the corporation for the longest, however most of my friends have been here for at least 7 years.

The owner of the corporation was an outdated woman in her early 80s with a love for fishing, hunting, and relaxing. A lot of changes have been occurring in the past couple of weeks. The owner of the Heating and A/C corp retired and sold it to a very unusual lady. The outdated girl is going to spend her afternoons on a boat with a pole in her hands. Unfortunately, the new owner is much unusual than the outdated a single. The new owner is far less distraught with patron service and relaxing and more distraught with making money. I do not much like the new way of doing things and I do not suppose that our purchasers are going to be very glad either. We have a particular time to complete every job now, and that means a lot of running around and skipping steps. I no longer have time to stop and talk to every patron about their complaints and concerns. It does not feel like I am performing relaxing work. I would rather complete a full investigative service then miss a complication that could potentially cause any harm to the Heating and A/C system. One of my friends already provided her 2 month notice to quit and another buddy is looking for a new job. If all the people moves to a new dealer, I am easily going to look for other pastures as well.


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I need to start saving money for higher summer time electric bills

My partner and I do not make a ton of money and so we have to suppose about all of our finances from 1 single paycheck to the next 1.

We have 2 small children, a pet, and a mortgage.

We live in a modest 3 bedroom mobile house on ten acres of swamp land. It might not be your dream house, however my partner and I are quite happy with it. Since we do not acquire any sizable amounts of money, we have to system for unexpected expenses, like doctor visits, prescriptions, and Heating and A/C repair… Last year, we had a complication with the cooling system and the summer time electric bills were over 35% higher than previous years. My partner and I had to transfer mountains to pay the higher monthly bills. After 2 weeks, we decided to call an Heating and A/C corporation to discern if the cooling system was laboring properly. The corporation had to make a few minor repairs and the bill was significant. We had to take a loan from the bank to pay for those repairs, because we could not spend the rest of the summer time without an air conditioner. I have to get a section time job in the night to help pay for the service bill. We are also going to need to get a new Heating and A/C component in the next year or 2, because the service will not last for long. This service has a a single year warranty, however we are on our own after that. There are not a ton of part-time jobs in this area, but I hope that I’ll be able to find something that will pay good wages.

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I blew my whole on the air conditioning system repair

When they inspected my machine, I was terribly unhappy with the estimate.

I worked a ton of overtime hours while I was in the Wintertide and Springtime. I easily labored 180 minutes every single month and I had a nice chunk of money in the savings account at the start of the Summer. My friends and I were all going to a tropical location for a week-long vacation at the end of October. I had enough money in my savings account and I was super stoked about the trip. I was going to spend a day parasailing, kayaking, and snorkeling. I was also going to spend a whole day on a dive that is located almost 60 ft underwater. I had a lot of easily cool plans for that money, unfortunately, all of that went out the door when the AC components stopped laboring. I did not want to call the service corporation to diagnose the issue, because it was going to cost me $119. I did not want to spend any money at all, but I could not figure out why the AC components weren’t blowing frigid air. After 3 afternoons of warm temps and uncomfortable afternoons, I finally decided to call the AC service dealer. When they inspected my machine, I was terribly unhappy with the estimate. The AC service was expansive and my savings account took another sizable hit. I’ll easily have to use my debit cards for the hotel and motorcar rental now. I easily wanted to have plenty of money to pay for the whole trip, but I cannot spend the rest of the summer time without a frigid air conditioning system. I would be miserable and my girlfriend would probably leave me! She already complains when I keep the thermostat any higher than 77 degrees.

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They make scent booster for your home air filters

I have been making a ton of changes around the lake house, because I am spending a lot more time in this building.

Since I have been laboring from the lake house every single day, I have noticed a ton of little things that need to be fixed in the house; Even though I change the air filter weekly, there are still lingering smells in the air.

This lake house is almost 100 years outdated and some of the smells are due to age. I tried a few unusual ways to get rid of the smell, however it regularly lingers on in the air. A few weeks ago, I was doing some shopping at the local hardware store. I needed to pick up some paint, brushes, sponges, and cape. I was also picking up drywall, nails, screws, and a few other various and sundry supplies. I walk down the aisle that has air filters, so I could buy a new 3- pack. I only had a single left in the house. I saw something very neat on the shelf above these air filters. They had 2 unusual types of air freshener that is specially formulated for the air filter and the ductwork. One of those items was a gel cling scent pod that sticks inside of the air vents. The other item was a scent totebag that fastens directly to the air filter. The thought of going around the house to every air vent seemed like a few minutes of working, so I chose the easier option. The smell of vanilla filled the air, however it did not last more than a few minutes; Next time I’ll try the individual scent boosters.

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