Bike riding workout

After living in the northeastern part of the country for our whole lives, my husband and I finally moved south.

We’d had enough of temperatures down to twenty five below zero and snow piling up in drifts. We were tired of paying huge heating bills, shoveling snow and being forced inside the house for more than half the year. I’d been forced to give up my gym membership because the roads were so often impassable due to the weather conditions. Even with some gym equipment, working out inside the home is not all that enjoyable. I was very limited in what I was able to do. We bought a much smaller house in a really lovely community. While the weather can get a bit cool, the temperature never drops below freezing. I can always dress warm enough to exercise outdoors. One of my favorite things about our new location is the proximity to a bike path. The path is paved, prohibits motorized vehicles and extends over sixty miles in either direction. As soon as we got unpacked and settled into our new home, I bought a bicycle. I outfitted with a good sized basket, comfortable seat, water bottle holder and a phone holster. I strap a cordless speaker to the handlebars and listen to music while I cycle. It takes me about twenty minutes to ride my bike to a soccer field. I use the field to run wind sprints and do a series of lunges, squats and abdominal crunches. I spend about thirty minutes exercising at the field and then go through some stretches before getting back on my bike. I can easily increase the demands of the workout by shifting to a higher gear and pedaling faster. I target all different muscle groups and always feel like I got a great workout. Plus, spending time outdoors, breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on my face puts me in a good mood.

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Anxious to workout outside

It started getting cold and rainy in early September, keeping me inside for my daily workouts. By mid October there was several inches of snow on the ground and the temperature had dropped well below freezing. We suffered through an unusual chilly, snowy and long winter. There was no opportunity to do anything outside besides shovel pathways, brush snow off the car and scrape ice off the windshield. While those activities are very labor intensive, I don’t consider them a substitute for my workout. It gets very boring, repetitive and frustrating exercising in the house. I have limited space. I need to cater around the rest of the family’s sleep schedules. The indoor air feels stale and stuffy, and it’s difficult to get motivation and keep my energy levels up. For over eight months, I was stuck indoors. I switched between using my yoga mat, hand weights, resistance bands and treadmill. I was extremely anxious to finally get outside. I was a little premature in my eagerness. The day I chose to run was super chilly, and I couldn’t get my muscles to warm up. I kept slipping on the wet leaves on the sidewalk. Running on the treadmill is definitely not as strenuous as running outside, because I was totally exhausted by the end of it. Even so, I enjoyed breathing the fresh air and feeling the sun on my face. I felt as if I’d burned a tremendous amount of calories. I couldn’t wait to chart new running courses and get my bicycle out of storage.

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Stationary bike is a beneficial workout

I shopped around for quite a while before purchasing a stationary bike.

Larger fitness machines are extremely expensive.

They also take up a great deal of space in the home. I knew that I’d only be buying one type of machine. I wanted to make the best possible choice. I researched treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and stairmasters. While I initially planned on investing into a treadmill, I was worried about the impact on my knees, ankles and feet. Rowing machines are simply too big and stairmasters are just too boring. The only reason I chose a stationary bike over the elliptical was the price. I was able to afford a higher quality bike and spend less. I am very happy with my stationary bike. It has a comfortable seat and adjusts to accommodate the length of my legs. The touchscreen display is easy to navigate and keeps track of my workouts. I can choose between a variety of set programs and target time, distance or calories. It’s easy to elevate exertion by increasing resistance or pedaling faster. I can burn a great deal of calories very quickly, and it’s an enjoyable workout. The bike is super quiet, so I don’t disturb anyone else in the house. I listen to music while I pedal and read on my Ipad. There is a built-in fan that helps to keep me cool. It’s a great way to rest my joints in-between other types of workouts. I get a great cardio session without putting any stress on my knees and feet. I love riding the bike on days when I am feeling especially tired, sore or lazy.

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Running with the dog

After we walked for three miles, I noticed she was panting and obviously a bit tired.

When my son and his new wife went on their honeymoon, I offered to watch their dog. Fran is a 165 pound, two-year-old Airedale who has a lot of energy. She is a great deal of fun but also a lot of work. She’d like to be played with all day long. She likes to play tug-of-war, wrestle and fetch and constantly pawed at me for more attention. The dog and my son often go on extensive runs together. Hoping to get rid of some of her energy, I decided to take her on a run. I workout every single day and keep myself in very good physical condition. I often head out on six-mile runs. I wasn’t anticipating any problems with running with the dog. However, I am a five-foot tall woman in my fifties while my son is well over six-feet tall and in his twenties. As soon as Fran realized we were going for a run, she took off at full speed. She was literally dragging me down the road. I thought she was going to pull my right arm out of the shoulder socket. I finally had to slow her down to a walk. After we walked for three miles, I noticed she was panting and obviously a bit tired. I gradually increased our speed until we were jogging at a comfortable pace. We ran together for five miles, and I really enjoyed it. By the time we made it back to the house, we were both in desperate need of a drink of water and totally exhausted.

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Careful about lifting weights

I’ve found that running, cycling and swimming create the body shape that I want

I really like to lift weights. I enjoy working the different muscles in my arms and shoulders and the feeling of accomplishment. I like to see how much weight I can manage. I strive to have definition of muscle in my arms and legs. However, I am a 55 year-old-woman. I weigh around 120 pounds and am just over five feet tall. I don’t want to be built like a weight-lifter. I would rather not develop huge muscles and look masculine. I don’t allow myself to workout with heavy weights. I have a series of free weights that include two-pound, five-pound and eight-pound options. I stick to low weight and high repetition and attempt to target all different muscles. I only allow myself to lift three to four days per week. I focus more on aerobic exercise. My goal is to slim and tone. I workout every morning for approximately an hour. I always begin with a dedicated stretch. Once I’ve warmed up my muscles, I make sure to get my heart pumping and strive to get out of breath and sweaty. I run wind sprints, jump rope and go through lunge-jumps, burpees, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. I also include lots of lunges, squats and abdominal crunches. Instead of lifting weights, I often use my own body weight for plank holds. I hope to maintain my strength without getting bulky. I’ve found that running, cycling and swimming create the body shape that I want. As much as I enjoy working out with weights, it’s better for me to concentrate on cardio.



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Enjoying my jump rope

One of my favorite types of workouts is jumping rope.

I got really interested in it a few years ago, after reading a fitness blog.

The article explained the many benefits of this full-body workout. Jumping rope burns a tremendous amount of calories in a very short time. It targets a wide range of muscles, gets the heart pumping and forces the lungs to work at capacity. Jumping rope is a great way to build stamina and coordination. I started out with a leather rope with weighted handles. This type of rope frequently tangled, knotted and frayed. I wore out three of them before switching to a jump rope system called Crossrope. I now have a single set of handles that attach to weighted ropes. The ropes are made of some type of synthetic material that prevents knotting, kinking or fraying. The metal clasps on the end are easy to attach to the handles and allow a smooth rotation. The ropes are available in four different weights, including a quarter-pound, half-pound, full-pound and two-pound size. I also purchased a specialized jump rope mat to avoid scuffing the ropes and provide cushioning for my feet. The jump rope system includes a free app on my phone. The app tracks my workouts, provides a number of calories burned and offers a variety of guided workouts. I can select from different difficulty levels and choose programs from ten minutes to 50 minutes in duration. Some of the training sessions involve strictly jumping rope while others include push-ups, lunges, squats, burpees and other types of exercises. I enjoy the convenience of a guided workout.

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Injury gets in the way of working out

I often push my body way too hard.

I am not good at accepting limitations and don’t like to ask for help.

During a recent remodeling project, I attempted to install drywall on the ceiling by myself. As a 5’2” woman in her mid-fifties, this was a mistake. Although I completed the job, I managed to tear my trapezius muscle. By the end of the day, I could no longer stand up for more than a minute or two before the pain became unbearable. I was restricted to lying flat on my back on the couch. I couldn’t walk up the stairs, wash my hair or even sit up. I took a double dose of Aleve every few hours and laid on ice packs. I was unable to move around for over three weeks. One of the biggest frustrations was my inability to work out. I am conscientious about my level of fitness. I normally exercise for an hour, six days per week. At my age, keeping active is especially important. I don’t want to lose strength, flexibility or stamina. I need to work on my balance and range of motion. After three weeks of inactivity, I had to ease back into my fitness routine. At first, I was only able to ride the stationary bike. I pedaled very slowly with no resistance and only for twenty minutes. It’s now been ten weeks since my injury. I haven’t completely recovered. I still need to be careful about putting too much weight on my left arm. It hurts to reach over my head.


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A/C failure due to the coils freezing over

I get extremely scared that something high in price is going to chop on me at any hour.

When the fuel pump in our Ford needed to be replaced, I thought that the entire transmission was about to break.

Thankfully the automobile was actually working like normal again after a $100 mechanic visit. Instead of needing thousands of dollars to afford a more up-to-date transmission, it was just a mere fraction of that cost at the end. It’s pretty straight-forward to get carried away when something goes off the rails, especially if you don’t know how to diagnose a problem. While I struggled to learn some common cooking techniques I was constantly frustrated when I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my flavor plus how to alter it to make it taste better. This improved with time, especially as I got too much older. But when it comes to appliances malfunctioning, I might as well suppose the entire thing will explode due to our total lack of knowledge. I was instantly frightened when I woke up this day to a humid, warm house plus saw the temperature control reading 82 degrees. The temperature it was set to the same as any other night— at 71 degrees. I was convinced that I had accidentally fried our air conditioning. I called the local heating plus cooling corporation plus the iPhone representative said a professional would arrive at our home in 4 hours. The entire time I was worrying about how much currency I’d have to spend to get working air conditioning in our house again. I had no plan it was something as simple as a low coolant level! Apparently our evaporator coil was frozen from a deficiency of refrigerant in the system. He switched off the air conditioning, let the ice thaw, plus then refilled the coolant. Now our air conditioning works great yet again!


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Electrical furnaces are more environmentally friendly

Perhaps the best “electric powered oil furnace” of them all is the heat pump, as it simply utilizes the refrigerant cycle to pull heat in from outdoors

I want to try and be more mindful of the environment as I get older. I don’t recognize I enjoyed this well enough when I was a teenager because I incorrectly threw away recyclable plastic bottles out of sheer laziness. Thinking of this now wants to make me feel embarrassed, but at least I’m atoning from our mistakes. I have a separate garbage can in our kitchen particularly for recyclables so I make sure they’re separated when they go into the bins in the garage. Once garage day comes around again I then take them to the curb. I realized there is more that I can do in regard to our carbon footprint than simply recycling plastic bottles plus cardboard boxes. Many of us are using old style environmentally-unfriendly heating plus cooling systems in our homes without ever realizing. Anyone who lives in a cold weather conditions understands the sheer force of a fuel burning gas or oil furnace, but it comes at a cost even if the consumer never sees it. Simply harvesting these fossil fuels from the environment has a toll on the weather conditions, but it gets a lot worse when these fuels are burned to heat the air inside your home. That’s why it’s far more environmentally friendly to use an electric oil furnace, even if it costs you more dough in energy expenses. But you can constantly get electric radiant floors, which are so efficient with their heat production compared to a fan-forced oil furnace. Perhaps the best “electric powered oil furnace” of them all is the heat pump, as it simply utilizes the refrigerant cycle to pull heat in from outdoors. It’s amazing technology, recognizably the geothermal heat pumps that harvested heat from deep down in the ground.

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Cleaning out the leaves from the Heating plus A/C condenser

Living in the countryside is such a blessing but also a curse some afternoons.

On the 1 hand, the view out here is gorgeous plus I have more privacy than I’ve ever had in our entire life.

And if I want to slam a bottle of moonshine on our back porch in our pajamas, I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing me from a 2nd story window. However, the beauty plus isolation can periodically be eclipsed by bigger issues that you don’t ever face residing closer to society. Part of that struggle is taking care of a yard that is literally twenty times the size of those found in most subdivisions. That’s a lot of weeding, mowing, grass seeding, plus raking. These chores are complicated by the fact that every one of us have tons of maple trees, oak trees, plus pine trees all throughout the front plus backyard. You need to be especially mindful of the leaves plus branches that settle on the rooftop as they can lead to rotting wood plus potential water leaking in the attic. But the leaves plus debris get into other sensitive areas too. Just care about any other man with a split type Heating plus A/C system, I have the condenser unit kneeling outside on a cement block. Although the condenser has a metal housing, sizable quantities of leaves plus tree twigs find their way into the grills plus can collect around the base of the condenser or get cottaged in the fan assembly. If I don’t wash those leaves out daily, I could lose our condenser unit altogether. My Heating plus A/C pro told me that it’s pressing because the manufacturer doesn’t constantly accept warranty claims if the injury was caused by neglecting basic cleaning plus service.


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