A mechanic fixed my air conditioner for free

I am so thankful that the mechanic fixed my air conditioner for free.

I never asked the mechanic to fix my air conditioner, but I am so glad that he did.

It truly was pretty miserable driving a car without an air conditioner. I travel a lot of business, and I spend most of my week in a car. When I bought this car, I did not have a lot of money. The car runs well, and everything works besides the air conditioner in the car. At first, I thought that it wouldn’t be a big deal to have a broken air conditioner, but it only took me one summer to figure out that I really rely on air conditioners in cars. However, there is nothing that I could do about it. I am not a mechanic, so I cannot fix the air conditioner on my own. Also, you would be amazed at the prices that mechanics charge to fix the air conditioners in vehicles. I knew that there was no way that I would be able to afford to fix the air conditioner at the moment. I was saving up money to pay a mechanic to fix the air conditioner. However, while I was in a church, one of the members approached me. The member told me that he was a mechanic, and he asked if there was any way that he could help me while I travel. I told him that everything worked well besides the air conditioner, and the mechanic told me that he would love to fix my air conditioner. I gave him the keys to my car, and he fixed the air conditioner by the next night. After going so long without an air conditioner, it was so nice to have an air conditioner. The best part was that the mechanic fixed the air conditioner for free.

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